Lighthouse Windlass – Electric and Hydraulic Power

Cutaway of Lighthouse Windlass


Lighthouse windlasses are manufactured for nearly any vessel; sail or power. For use on boats from 32′ to 70′. These electric or hydraulic windlasses are built for continuous duty use and are available with nearly any chain, rope rode, chain/rope combination of wildcat /capstan drum combination for chain from 1/4″ to 7/16″ in BBB, HT or PC and 1/2″ to 3/4″ rope rode. Lighthouse windlasses are proudly made in the USA.

Lighthouse windlasses are are rated at continuous duty use, not maximum pull as with most other winch manufacturers. Optional reversing is available without changing motors, and can be added at anytime. This rugged motor should never let you down, but in the unlikely event of an electrical system failure, you will never be stranded, this is the only winch with 3 manual back-ups. Can be tailed just like a sheet winch. Has rapid manual rewind with use of a standard or ratcheting winch handle in capstan end.


  • Built of 316L Stainless Steel (no chrome plated parts to peel off)
  • 100% stainless steel gear box winch housing
  • Vertical drive with DC motor mounted below deck out of the weather
  • Built in the USA
  • Available in 12, 24, 32 Volt as well as hydraulic
  • Continuous line pull at 12v – 32v 1000 lbs. @ 37 fpm
  • Required deck space for mounting plate is L10″ X W11.6″
  • Weight 110 lbs. (50.00 Kg)

Lighthouse 1501 Windlass

The Lighthouse windlassoffers a continuous line pull at 12v (80 amps) – 32v (27 amps) = 1000 lbs. @ 37 fpm, maximum line pull rating depends on available amperage & power supply. This windlass is built to withstand nearly any punishment offered in operation. In manual use, there is a fast rewind socket port & starboard, or an amazing 10,200 lbs. of pull on second speed with only 35lbs hand force. The mechanical portion of the windlass is built to a rugged standard that no other manufacturer matches.

4 thoughts on “Lighthouse Windlass – Electric and Hydraulic Power

  1. I have a Lighthouse anchor winch and it works great, has lots of strength and seems to be really engineered well. Mine has reversing which is very convenient because it let’s the anchor / chain out at a controlled rate but will not let it free fall, nor will it keep paying out if the chain is stuck in the chain locker. Obviously nice feature to have if the chain ever gets tangled up so as to not damage the deck over the chain locker!

    The all-stainless means no rust spots on the deck, or corrosion areas under painted aluminum. Great winch!

  2. We have a 35 foot Carver yacht with a Maxwell 400 electric windlass and all chain anchor line. Sometimes the chain gets stuck going into the chain locker. I think of a bicyle chain and want to spray the chain with WD40 to help the chain fall in easier. Is that a good idea?

    1. Well, not entirely a good idea. You should adjust the chain stripper. It is not cleaning the chain off the wildcat correctly.

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