Frigoboat Sets the Standard in Marine Refrigeration

With several different compressor models available, Frigoboat is capable of cooling refrigerator boxes of up to 20 cubic feet or freezer boxes up to 10 cubic feet.

The basics of a refrigeration system are a compressor/condenser, an evaporator and a box or area to contain the cold air. Additionally, a controller/thermostat is used to control the system, so it doesn’t just run all the time.


Frigoboat offers three types of compressors so there’s one for every budget.

  • Air Cooled Compressors
  • Water Cooled Compressors
  • Keel Cooled Compressors

Air Cooled Compressor/Condenser refrigeration systems use a fan to move cooing air through the condenser and provide your boat with cold food storage. 

Firgoboat air-cooled condensing unit for marine regeneration
Air-Cooled Condensing Unit

Water Cooled Compressor/Condenser refrigeration systems use an external water pump to move cooing water through the condenser for your boat’s refrigerator/freezer.

Keel Cooled Compressor/Condenser systems use a keel-cooler as the condenser to provide the best most efficient, and quiet, form of marine refrigeration.

Generalized Keel Cooled Set-up

Frigoboat Offers Three Evaporator Options

Bendable Flat Plate can be used flat or bent to fit in your refrigerator or freezer box.

The Flat Plate with Stainless Cover (Non-Bendable) is recommended if bending is not required and offers protection from hard object thanks to the steel cover.

Vertical & Horizontal Bin Type Evaporators are a pre-bent plate that forms a small freezer section in the ice box on your boat.

Frigoboat Thermostats

Frigoboat offers Manual Thermostats for refrigerators or freezers and Digital LED Thermostats. The LED thermostats include a display panel that can be mounted conveniently where you can clearly see what your refrigerator/freezer box temperature is at any time.

The Frigoboat Optional Fan Speed Control

Frigoboat’s Merlin II is a small circuit board that plugs onto the controller of your Danfoss BD35 or BD50 compressor to control the compressor speed automagically! The Merlin II includes a green LED that blinks to show at what speed the compressor is running and a red LED that blinks one to five times to tell you where to troubleshoot should your compressor stop for an electrical fault reason.

Merlin II gives you big energy savings while also protecting your system’s electronics and reducing the stress on various components.

For technical help in putting together a Frigoboat refrigeration system for your boat, contact Go2marine at 800-998-9508

Are your dock lines good enough?

Father Time and Mother Nature take their toll on dock lines. Are your dock lines good enough? Are they strong enough to withstand the elements? The dock line seen here is good enough, right? It just has a little wear on the outer braid that carries half the line load. The inner braid is up to the job of carrying the other half of the load. Right?

Maybe and maybe not.

If you are constantly on your boat and checking your lines regularly, then you can put off replacing them. On the other hand, your boat may only get visited occasionally over the winter and a line in this condition can degrade rapidly. Remember, the inner braid’s condition may be compromised by the environment and not up to the job of keeping your boat where you left it tied to the dock or mooring buoy.
A set of dock lines is inexpensive insurance for your peace of mind and safety of your boat. Get a new set of dock lines as an easy to keep New Year’s Resolution, rest easy till boating season and get in a winter visit down to the dock to change out the old lines.

It is a real good idea to replace all your dock lines at the same time just like your car headlights. You change them out in sets. Right?

Direct Replacement Mercruiser Sterndrives

SEI Aftermarket Sterndrives

SEI Marine Products manufactures direct replacement aftermarket Sterndrives for Mercruiser R, MR, Alpha One and Alpha Gen ll drives. All current SEI Replacement Drives come with a three-year, Fault-Free warranty even if the failure is due to lack of lubrication for engines not exceeding 300 hp.

*Note* your current Mercruiser Drive must have both trim and tilt to use a SEI replacement Drive Unit. If you are not sure about this look at one of the Hydraulic Cylinders on your drive. If the hydraulic cylinder has two trim hoses connected to it, you have trim and tilt. (Some early model Mercruisers only have one hose connected to the Hydraulic Cylinder and SEI Marine Products does not make a replacement Drive Unit for these applications.)

Early Mercruiser Sterndrives (pre 1983) with inline 4- & 6-cylinder engines require a shorter yoke size of 8-1/8” vs. the later style yoke measuring 9-9/16”. This is not a problem as SEI offers replacements for these models as well.

MerCruiser sterdrive yoke dimensions
Chart of MerCruiser sterdrive yoke dimensions

Do you need help Identifying your Drive Model?

The easiest way to determine your Drive Model is by the Drive Serial Number. However, that is not always an option.

The Mercruiser Pre Alpha, R, MR and Alpha one (with Trim and Tilt) were manufactured between 1975 -1990. The Alpha One Gen ll started production in 1991 to current date. If you are not sure because of modifications that may have been performed by a previous owner here are a couple ways to identify your drive:

  1. Gearcase shape:
    • On Pre Alpha and Alpha One Drives the top cap on the Gearcase is square in shape
    • On Gen ll the top cap is rectangular in shape
  2. Note the mounting location for the Hydraulic Trim/Tilt Cylinders
    • On the Mercruiser Alpha One & SE106 Drives they are located at the very Back of the gearcase
    • On the Mercruiser Gen ll & SE116 Drive Units the mounting location is approximately 6” from the end of upper gearcase

Twin Engine Applications for Mercruiser Alpha One / SE106 & Mercruiser Gen ll / SE116 Drive Units

If you have a twin-engine boat, there is a good chance the port drive is a counter (LH/left hand) rotation drive. SEI Marine Products makes counter rotation replacement lower units that can be ordered separately as well as completer counter rotation replacement Drives.

The best way to determine if you have a counter rotation drive is to compare the port side propeller to the starboard side propeller. Looking closely at the propellers you will notice the port propeller twist to the left and the starboard propeller twist to the right on counter rotating drives. If you do happen to have two propellers that twist to the right, you have two standard rotation drives. This is not uncommon on early twin engine applications.

Gear Ratios

Drive units come in different gear ratios to best match power output of your boat’s engine.

If you can’t read the gear ratio off the drive, there are a couple ways of determining the gear ratio. One way is by the engine model and hp. The other way is to remove the upper cap on the drive and count the teeth on the two gears. Below is a chart to help you find the gear ratio for your boat’s drive.

If you have any questions, call a specialist at Go2marine for assistance before ordering by engine or tooth count.

RatioDrive Gear TeethDriven Gear TeethOriginal Ratio Was
1.94 20 24 1.98
1.81 17 19 1.84
1.62 24 24 1.65
1.47 22 20 1.50

Accessories sold separately for installation:

Other Accessories:


Go2marine is ready to help you find the right replacement Sterndrive Unit for your boat along with the accessories to install it and keep it running for years.

For a limited time, we are offering Free Shipping to the contiguous (lower 48) states.

Call us today at (800) 998-9508 to get your boat outfitted with a new SEI Marine Products/Sterndrive Engineering aftermarket Drive

Shore up your battery for winter storage

shore up your battery - trickle charger

Shore up your battery for winter storage.

Shore up your battery for winter storage. When prepping your boat for winter storage don’t neglect your marine battery. Battery care in the off season will increase the useful life of your battery and get you out on the water faster come next season. You will want to protect your battery from freezing, corrosion, and storage discharge.

Weather you remove your battery or store it onboard you need to keep it from freezing. A charged battery is less likely to freeze that a discharged one so connecting a maintenance or trickle charger helps prevent a frozen battery but in extreme cold weather a heated storage area is needed.

It is best to disconnect and swab down your battery even if you store it on your boat. A disconnected battery is safe from any slow power draws that may exist on your boat. A good wipe down with baking soda water followed by a good wipe dry cleans things up and neutralizes any acid build-up.

Along with disconnecting your battery, putting it on a maintenance charger prevents storage discharge. Also known as, float, slow, or trickle chargers, these units will keep your battery topped off without over charging your boat battery.

Follow these tips and as long as you have a good battery this fall you should be able to reconnect and turn your engine over for a roaring start to the next boating season.

An added benefit to maintenance chargers is their ability to prevent sulfation, the buildup of sulfate crystals on the negative plates of lead acid batteries, that will shorten the useful life of the battery. Lead acid batteries benefit from regular full capacity charges that reduce and slow the inevitable sulfation and the resulting loss in performance.