Glendinning Electronic Boat Engine & Transmission Controls

Electronic Marine Engine and Transmission Controls offer boat owners smooth, precise control of throttle and gear transition with less effort. Boat owners are amazed at the smooth response electronic controls provide.

Glendinning Covered Smart Controler II
The Glendinning Smart Actuator II

So why choose Glendinning Electronic Controls?

  • No more fighting those old stiff mechanical cables
  • Multiple control stations without the clutter of 2 or 4 control heads
  • Integrated Multiple Engine Capability: Two or three engines can be controlled as easily as a single engine, for outboard, inboard, or stern drive applications — with the full advantage and feel of electronic precision

Glendinning offers Electronic Controls for:
Motor Yachts, Sport Fishers, Trawlers, Work Boats, and Military Vessels

All Electronic & Mechanical Engines & Transmissions Including:
Sterndrives, Saildrives, Inboards, Outboards, and Waterjets

Standard Features of Glendinning Controls:

  • Single lever control (throttle and shift in one handle) single or twin-engine applications
  • 6 station capability
  • Posi-Lock gear lock out (warm mode)
  • Engine synchronization
  • Start interlock
  • Dual battery inputs
  • Dimmable keypad
  • Full diagnostic review
  • Available in 12 & 24 volt

Optional Features:

  • Handheld remote control
  • Trolling Valve Control
  • Trim/Tilt control (Outboard/Sterndrives w/ 6-Button Control Head)
  • Palm Beach Mount

Glendinning standard kits are sold for single station applications. Adding an additional station requires the correct length communication harness and matching control head for each station. However, with the Glendinning CAN bus technology it’s as simple as plug and play for up to six additional stations.

Additional PRO-X 33C Type or 33C/Mercruiser cables are required to complete installation.

Glendinning Marine Pro-X 33C control cable universal
Universal Cable
Glendinning Marine Pro-X 33C control cable Mercruiser
Mercruiser Type Cable

Glendinning Controls are Manufactured in the USA and carry a 2 Year Repair or Replace Warranty

For technical help or application questions call Go2marine at 800-998-9508

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