Performance Metals Anodes Perform for Your Boat

Performance Metals manufactures Anodes for Sterndrives, Shaft Drives, Hulls, Water Heaters and Heat Exchangers.

What makes Perfomance Metals more than just another Anode?

The material the Sacrificial Anode is made from– Navalloy

  • Zinc is the most common sacrificial material.
  • Performance Metals developed Navalloy (aluminum alloy) as an anode.
  • Navalloy is specially formulated to provide maximum protection and longer life and meets military specification MIL-A-24779.
  • Navalloy includes 5% zinc and a trace of Indium, which prevents the build up of an oxide layer when stored out of the water.
  • Navalloy alloy anodes provides more protection and last longer than zinc anodes.
  • It is the only anode that is safe for all applications, in freshwater, brackish or saltwater.
  • The anode reactivates after exposure to air, unlike zinc.
  • It is environmentally friendly.

A simple way to monitor when to replace the AnodeRed Spot

  • Take the guess work out of when to change your anode.
  • Patented wear indicator is a plastic indicator that is embedded in the anode.
  • Visible when the anode has worn to half it’s original size.
  • Available for most applications.

Navalloy should not be confused with other Alloy Zincs.

Magnesium Anodes are entirely different than the Performance Metals Navalloy Aluminum Alloy Anode. Magnesium is the most active metal on the Galvanic scale; it can be used in freshwater, but care must exercised. Magnesium can over-protect aluminum hulls or out-drives in salt or brackish water or even polluted freshwater, causing paint to be lifted with resulting corrosion. Even a few hours immersion in anything other than clean freshwater can cause surface corrosion damage.

Do’s and Don’ts when using Anodes


  • Ensure that a good electrical contact is made between the anode and the metal that you are protecting.
  • Use new stainless steel fasteners with anodes. Performance Metals supplies SS install hardware.
  • Protect trim tabs.
  • Use an anode that fits your application and offers adequate protection.
  • Inspect anodes regularly, change them when they are 50% worn.


  • Do not pain anodes or the surface you are attaching an anode to.
  • Never mix anode types; Navalloy anodes will try to protect zinc anodes!
  • Never use zinc anodes on aluminum out-drives.
  • Do not use Magnesium anodes on anything other than on out-drives used in freshwater.

Dock Ladders – International Dock Ladders

Many boaters and waterfront homes enjoy their own private dock, seawall or raft. Dock ladders offer an increased level of safety by allowing someone who is in the water to get back up onto the dock. For the recreational user, an aluminum dock ladder can allow a user to get from a kayak, dinghy or small boat up onto a dock or pier. Swimmers can get out of the water at a floating dock or raft. Individual requirements and use will determine the choice of ladder style.

Dock / pier / raft ladders can be either fixed, lifting or swinging. Fixed dock ladders cannot be removed or raised out of the water. Lifting and swinging dock ladders are made to be removed from the water in a moments notice. All types of the International Dock Products ladders can be fitted with a quick release bracket for seasonal removal and storage of the entire ladder. The final choice in aluminum dock ladder construction is the width of the rungs; they come in 2″ wide (a bit hard on feet, the original size) and 4″ wide (much more gentle on feet). Beyond the choice of the ladder, it’s longevity is determined by the construction and materials used.

International Dock Products uses the most advanced machinery available to produce a dock ladder that is high quality and built to last. To maintain a quality product from the time it arrives, the aluminum is stored as pipe separation with inside storage. When manufacturing the marine dock ladders, the cut, cleaned and prepared parts are superbly welded for a long service lifetime. Currently the robotic Motoman (the same robots used to build cars in Detroit and for 230,000 operations) are welding the aluminum tubing and steps to the highest level with precise, identical welds. International Dock Products dock ladders are made in the USA of marine grade T5-6063 aluminum which is suitable for salt, brackish and fresh water applications. Stainless steel ladders must be used in applications with chlorinated water – never use an aluminum ladder.

The two most popular dock ladders are the straight / fixed and the lifting marine ladder. Dock and seawall ladders can be built up to 16-17 step ladders, however 8′ and longer get standoffs for seawall. The single most popular product is the 5 step lift with 4″ treads which is perfect for most rafts and docks.

Although specializing in aluminum dock ladders, International Dock Products ladders have found use for farm lofts, barns, homes and more. When we enquired recently with International Dock Products, they told us that one of the more unusual uses of their products were when an interior designer in Michigan ordered 2 10′ long ladders, powder coated to two specific colors for children’s bedroom lofts.

No matter what type of dock, pier, seawall or raft you have, there is an International Dock Products dock ladders that will work for you. Check out our complete dock ladder selection:

  • Straight Fixed Dock Ladders – for applications where it is fine to leave the dock ladder in the water.
  • Standard Lifting Dock Ladders – similar to the straight ladder except the bottom portion that is in the water can be lifted straight out.
  • Straight Swinging Dock Ladder – for applications where you have to get the entire ladder up out of the water and to clear the edge of the dock. This ladder flips back straight up in the air and allows the dock edge next to it to be uncluttered.
  • Straight Fixed Finger Pier Ladder – similar to the straight fixed ladder, but without the top hoops. This ladders upper portion terminates in vertical capped pipe.
  • Lifting Finger Pier Ladder – similar to the lifting dock ladder, but without the top hoops. This ladders upper portion terminates in vertical capped pipe.

Go2marine can special order a dock ladder for your use. Call us: 1-800-998-9508

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