Freshwater Marine Pumps: Par Max

The original Peters and Russell Pumps – PAR, by Jabsco (now a division of XYLEM)

The original PAR (Peters and Russell) belt driven diaphragm water pumps by Jabsco are the grandfather of the electric boating pumps. 80% of all boats made today will have a PAR or Jabsco pump of one kind or another on-board the vessel.

The most common use for a pump on-board a vessel is to move fresh water from a tank to the fixture or from a tank or bilge to a thruhull.

This classic belt drive Jabsco “PAR” freshwater, shower and grey water pump utilizes the original Peters and Russell (Inc., Springfield, Ohio) design that has dependably served the marine industry for nearly 50 years! In many cases parts are still available and these ‘chugging’ diaphragm pumps just keep working and working. The biggest advantages of these pumps is their ability to digest some large materials and limited dry running.

The modern Jabsco PAR-Max pump series takes a different, if not more compact approach to pumping freshwater. The PAR-Max pumps are numbered 1-4 and will serve a variety of needs.

The PAR-Max Plus is the next generation of water pumps.

The high pressure capability of the new Jabsco PAR-Max Plus Series water pressure pumps, available in 4.0, 5.0, and 6.0 GPM models, provides exceptional flow and consistent water pressure to easily handle the demand of multiple outlets. All PAR-Max Plus models include soft rubber mounts and quick connect fittings for ease of installation. The patented PAR-Max Plus co-injected molded diaphragm and larger heavier duty motor brushes significantly extend pump life up to 50% longer than existing Jabsco PAR-Max Series diaphragm pumps.

The PAR-Max Plus series is self-priming up to 10ft (3m) and can run dry without damage. It’s manufactured from corrosion resistant materials, capable of handling the harshest marine environments. Available in both 12 or 24 volt DC versions, the PAR-Max Plus series water pressure pumps are certified to EN ISO 8846 Marine (Ignition Protection).

Older generations Par-Max pumps:

The PAR-Max Series of pumps feature pressure switches as well as being conveniently sized for your application; PAR-Max 1 will service 1 water fitting, PAR-Max 4 will service 4 water fittings. The PAR-Max pumps can be used for freshwater, water transfer, wash-down. These pumps can be run dry. Rebuild service kits are available.

Jabsco also maufactures Rule Bilge Pumps and Flojet Freshwater Pumps.

Choosing a Regulatory, Ski or Personal Water Craft Marker Buoy

Sur-Mark White Can Regulatory Marker Buoy

Sur-Mark White Can Regulatory Marker Buoy

When selecting a type of regulatory buoys, certain requirements must be met to comply with the regulations set by the authorities who govern local waterways. Many regulatory buoys, such as those manufactured by Taylor Made, are filled with polyurethane foam and have concrete weight to retain a balance between weight and buoyancy that keeps them stable, upright and floating correctly on the surface of the water.

Regulatory buoys may have a strobe on top for night operation. Labels to indicate a boating hazard or an action that is required from the boater may be attached around the buoy. Most states require regulatory buoys to be visible 39” above the surface of the water; Taylor Made meets these requirements.

Marker buoys are typically used to temporarily indicate a course, boundary or hazard. When it comes to purchasing marker buoys, boaters have the choice of either hard or air inflation buoys in a variety of colors. Taylor Made’s personal water craft buoys have a variety of uses. Aside from functioning as marker buoys, the can also be used as pick-up buoys or fenders for a jet ski. These products are made using a double color system to ensure that they will stay bright and fluorescent for years to come.

Taylor Made’s water ski marker buoys are constructed from PVC, so they are both lightweight and durable. Each of these buoys contains an inflation valve to control air pressure and a built-in anchor line loop. These inflatable items are also ideal for marking a slalom course, in accordance with the specifications set by the American Water Ski Association.

Dock Ladders – International Dock Ladders

Many boaters and waterfront homes enjoy their own private dock, seawall or raft. Dock ladders offer an increased level of safety by allowing someone who is in the water to get back up onto the dock. For the recreational user, an aluminum dock ladder can allow a user to get from a kayak, dinghy or small boat up onto a dock or pier. Swimmers can get out of the water at a floating dock or raft. Individual requirements and use will determine the choice of ladder style.

Dock / pier / raft ladders can be either fixed, lifting or swinging. Fixed dock ladders cannot be removed or raised out of the water. Lifting and swinging dock ladders are made to be removed from the water in a moments notice. All types of the International Dock Products ladders can be fitted with a quick release bracket for seasonal removal and storage of the entire ladder. The final choice in aluminum dock ladder construction is the width of the rungs; they come in 2″ wide (a bit hard on feet, the original size) and 4″ wide (much more gentle on feet). Beyond the choice of the ladder, it’s longevity is determined by the construction and materials used.

International Dock Products uses the most advanced machinery available to produce a dock ladder that is high quality and built to last. To maintain a quality product from the time it arrives, the aluminum is stored as pipe separation with inside storage. When manufacturing the marine dock ladders, the cut, cleaned and prepared parts are superbly welded for a long service lifetime. Currently the robotic Motoman (the same robots used to build cars in Detroit and for 230,000 operations) are welding the aluminum tubing and steps to the highest level with precise, identical welds. International Dock Products dock ladders are made in the USA of marine grade T5-6063 aluminum which is suitable for salt, brackish and fresh water applications. Stainless steel ladders must be used in applications with chlorinated water – never use an aluminum ladder.

The two most popular dock ladders are the straight / fixed and the lifting marine ladder. Dock and seawall ladders can be built up to 16-17 step ladders, however 8′ and longer get standoffs for seawall. The single most popular product is the 5 step lift with 4″ treads which is perfect for most rafts and docks.

Although specializing in aluminum dock ladders, International Dock Products ladders have found use for farm lofts, barns, homes and more. When we enquired recently with International Dock Products, they told us that one of the more unusual uses of their products were when an interior designer in Michigan ordered 2 10′ long ladders, powder coated to two specific colors for children’s bedroom lofts.

No matter what type of dock, pier, seawall or raft you have, there is an International Dock Products dock ladders that will work for you. Check out our complete dock ladder selection:

  • Straight Fixed Dock Ladders – for applications where it is fine to leave the dock ladder in the water.
  • Standard Lifting Dock Ladders – similar to the straight ladder except the bottom portion that is in the water can be lifted straight out.
  • Straight Swinging Dock Ladder – for applications where you have to get the entire ladder up out of the water and to clear the edge of the dock. This ladder flips back straight up in the air and allows the dock edge next to it to be uncluttered.
  • Straight Fixed Finger Pier Ladder – similar to the straight fixed ladder, but without the top hoops. This ladders upper portion terminates in vertical capped pipe.
  • Lifting Finger Pier Ladder – similar to the lifting dock ladder, but without the top hoops. This ladders upper portion terminates in vertical capped pipe.

Go2marine can special order a dock ladder for your use. Call us: 1-800-998-9508

Control Cables for OMC, Johnson / Evinrude and Mercury Outboards

CC179 Control Cables – Replaces CC635 & 3600

When replacing a cable steering system, you can typically find the cable part number and length roughly two feet from the helm connection, imprinted into the cable’s jacket. A variety of control cables are available that meet the specifications of your vessel and engine system.

Teleflex’s direct replacement marine-grade, corrosion-resistant cables model CC179 can replace any CC635, 3600 Series and any original Mercury control cables, CC205 Series, replaces OMC Johnson / Evinrude 636 & 479 Series. The replacement model cable contains a splined core for optimal smoothness and quick response.

Model CC179 control cables can be used on marine engine with Mercury controls, except for 1993 40 horsepower models and lower. This fits Mariner, Mercury & Mercruiser, 1965 to current and fits Force engines from 1993 to present.

CC205 Control Cable – Replaces 636, 479 & Morse D302029

The control cables model CC205 Series, also manufactured by Teleflex and are used as replacements on OMC, Johnson and Evinrude steering systems that have been made since 1979. The product is also applicable to replace Morse # D302029 (OS) cables.

When measuring the length for replacement control cables, if you can’t locate or read the number imprinted on the original cable’s jacket, you can calculate the appropriate length my measuring the plastic jacket only and adding 18 inches.

What are the Choices for Shoremaster’s Boat Cover Fabrics?

Shoremaster Boat Covers

Boat owners have a wide range of boat covers that they can purchase to help protect their vessels from harsh weather, sun damage or the accumulation of moisture. Boat cover fabrics are typically composed of polyester, acrylic or a poly-cotton blend and are manufactured by Taylor Made, Westland, Carver or Shoremaster.

Shoremaster’s top-of-the-line fabric, Prism, is made from a nine-ounce polyester material. The manufacturer’s mid-range option, Sunburst, is a 6.5-ounce polyester fabric. The road tough Travel Tuff is a heavyweight 13 oz fabric.

Polyester is usually a mid- to top-range material with a middling weight. Like most polyester boat covers, Shoremaster’s fabrics come with a warranty; three years for Master Duck, while the Prism and Sunburst includes a 5-year warranty. In comparison, Master Duck, the poly-cotton blend, comes with a warranty of one year.

Shoremaster also offers motor hoods and room for electric bow trolling motors that can be sewn on to boat covers to ensure a snug, custom fit for your vessel. Boaters also have the choice of either draw cords or shock cords when purchasing a Shoremaster boat cover.

When purchasing, it’s important to remember that tie-down straps are sold separately for Shoremaster boat covers.

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