Electronic Ignition for Your Boat’s Engine

Pertronix offers Electronic Ignition Conversion Kits for most engines with conventional contact type ignitions used in the Marine Industry.

Pertronix Electronic Ignition

Pertronix Electronic Ignition lets you get better performance from your boat’s marine engine.

Standard contact type ignitions (points and condenser) are unreliable since as the points wear, the ignition timing is reduced causing sluggish engine performance.

Installation of Pertronix Electronic Ignition kits is as simple as removing your old points, condenser and breaker mounting plate then installing the new Flame Thrower Module in its place. You’ll adjust the ignition timing one last time and will have a modern high performance, maintenance free ignition system.

With the addition of a Flame Thrower coil matched to the Electronic Ignition, the voltage will increase from 24,000 volts to 45,000 volts resulting in quicker starting, better overall performance and increased fuel economy.

See the Pertronix Ignitions and coil to find the one right for your boat. For technical help or engine application questions, call Go2marine @ 800-998-9508

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