Freshwater Marine Pumps: Par Max

The original Peters and Russell Pumps – PAR, by Jabsco (now a division of XYLEM)

The original PAR (Peters and Russell) belt driven diaphragm water pumps by Jabsco are the grandfather of the electric boating pumps. 80% of all boats made today will have a PAR or Jabsco pump of one kind or another on-board the vessel.

The most common use for a pump on-board a vessel is to move fresh water from a tank to the fixture or from a tank or bilge to a thruhull.

This classic belt drive Jabsco “PAR” freshwater, shower and grey water pump utilizes the original Peters and Russell (Inc., Springfield, Ohio) design that has dependably served the marine industry for nearly 50 years! In many cases parts are still available and these ‘chugging’ diaphragm pumps just keep working and working. The biggest advantages of these pumps is their ability to digest some large materials and limited dry running.

The modern Jabsco PAR-Max pump series takes a different, if not more compact approach to pumping freshwater. The PAR-Max pumps are numbered 1-4 and will serve a variety of needs.

The PAR-Max Plus is the next generation of water pumps.

The high pressure capability of the new Jabsco PAR-Max Plus Series water pressure pumps, available in 4.0, 5.0, and 6.0 GPM models, provides exceptional flow and consistent water pressure to easily handle the demand of multiple outlets. All PAR-Max Plus models include soft rubber mounts and quick connect fittings for ease of installation. The patented PAR-Max Plus co-injected molded diaphragm and larger heavier duty motor brushes significantly extend pump life up to 50% longer than existing Jabsco PAR-Max Series diaphragm pumps.

The PAR-Max Plus series is self-priming up to 10ft (3m) and can run dry without damage. It’s manufactured from corrosion resistant materials, capable of handling the harshest marine environments. Available in both 12 or 24 volt DC versions, the PAR-Max Plus series water pressure pumps are certified to EN ISO 8846 Marine (Ignition Protection).

Older generations Par-Max pumps:

The PAR-Max Series of pumps feature pressure switches as well as being conveniently sized for your application; PAR-Max 1 will service 1 water fitting, PAR-Max 4 will service 4 water fittings. The PAR-Max pumps can be used for freshwater, water transfer, wash-down. These pumps can be run dry. Rebuild service kits are available.

Jabsco also maufactures Rule Bilge Pumps and Flojet Freshwater Pumps.

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