Remove Salt from Your Boat, Engine and Marine Equipment

Looking for a way to remove salt from your boat and other marine equipment including boat cooling system, cleats, other metal and fiberglass parts?

Salt-Away salt removal washing concentrate uses a carefully selected blend of ingredients that will provide optimum cleaning for your boat and boat engine. Salt-Away washing concentrate provides salt removal from virtually any surface.

Salt-Away uses a water-based 100% – Non-Hazardous, Non-Toxic, and Biodegradable blend of ingredients that dissolves salt crystals from surfaces. Water alone cannot do this.

Salt-Away flushes salt from inboard/outboard engines.

Many boats have engines using a fresh water closed cooling system. Some boat owners do not realize that the raw water side of the engine, where salt water passes through the heat exchanger and out the exhaust manifold, can have major salt corrosion problems. Without proper maintenance, this corrosion leads to expensive repairs.

Salt-Away has many uses:

  • Engine flush – Can correct engine over-heating by breaking down layers of salt accumulation
  • Cleaning diving & fishing gear
  • Seaside home maintenance – A/C units, patio furniture etc.
  • Power & Sail boat salt removal – sails, sail covers, line, hardware etc.
  • Boat trailer and trailer brake wash

Salt-Away is economical to use with a dilution rate of 500 to 1 ratio.

The Salt-Away SA32M Combo Kit combines a one quart Salt-Away concentrate bottle and a 6 oz capacity, re-usable Mixing Unit. The Salt-Away Kit is recommended as the “Starter Kit” for the Salt-Away salt removal product line.

  • 6 oz Salt-Away concentrate holding capacity
  • Mixing Unit connects to
    • Garden hoses
    • Pressure Washer in lines

Salt-Away cleaning solution can be used with other Marine Engine Flushing systems and units to keep your inboard and outboard engine cooling system clean. When used with other Marine Cleaning Tools, Salt-Away removes salt build up and gets parts and surfaces ready to protect with wax or polish.

Go2marine has many more items to help boat owners care for, maintain and repair their boat. If you have questions about the care and upkeep of your boat, check our site or give us a call at (800) 998-9508


  • Great read! I think it’s great to have a product like this to keep your boat and its engine running flawlessly for years to come. I also think that too many boat owners simply neglect the maintenance required to keep their boats and engines free of salt and corrosion in the first place. Im not sure what the biggest issue is, though, because most people claim to keep up with maintenance on a regular basis. If you arent storing your boat properly when in use, it opens up all sorts of avenues that can degrade your boat and its functioning components. Further, to prevent engine corrosion from salt, you should always keep your engine bay and bilge area clean and dry, and properly flush the engine with freshwater on a regular basis. Lastly, consider a professional inspection from time to time to ensure the health of your engine.

  • Thank you for sharing about remove salt from your boat engine and marine equipment, these will be really helpful for me. I love reading this blog; it talks so much about planning a great idea about it. Keep sharing such informative articles in future, will be appreciated.

  • It’s good to know that saltwater can pass through the exhaust manifold and cause corrosion. My brother needs to repair his boat since it’s been corroding a little bit. He should find a professional that can fix the boat before it gets worse.

  • It’s good to learn that salt-away ingredients can flush boat engines out. My wife and I are wanting to get a boat for our family and we were wondering how we could clean the boat effectively. I’ll be sure to tell her that we should consider using salt-away for the engines.

  • Thank you for this very helpful blog, now I can easily get rid of the salt formation in my tiny fishing boat!

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